…No, wait – Europe is reborn

So claims Timothy Garton Ash, in an unintentionally moving attempt to say something inspiring about the new Europe.  Ash is a sincere man and, one suspects, the owner of a good heart.  But to write of rebirths in a continent sinking into depopulation is beyond inept .  Ash illustrates the problem described by Weigel below.  He writes about the past with some feeling.  He concludes that all Europeans can unite around “food and football” – again, an unintentional parallel to bread and circuses that, I believe, will become the EU battle-cry.  He sounds vaguely aware that something is missing from the mix, but is utterly clueless about what that might be.  Abe Lincoln could tell him:  Europe is missing a proposition around which it can unite, and toward which people, as individuals and communities, can aspire.



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