Genocide is painless

A confused Alex Hinton lectured America about “The Lessons of the Killing Fields.”  He seemed unaware those fields were in Cambodia, not Texas, and the killing had been perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge, not the neocons.  It now turns out, according to this Boston Globe article by Karen Coates, that the original Khmer Rouge, those who are still around, remain unpunished, and are likely to die of ripe old age without paying for their crimes.  So the real lesson of the killing fields is:  one can murder hundreds of thousands of human beings with impunity.  What are the odds it won’t happen again?

UPDATE:  It’s already happening – in Darfur, according to this NYT piece by Nick Kristoff.  He blames President Bush for not speaking out on the subject.  I’m not sure Kristoff is right about the situation in the Sudan at the moment.  I’ve heard more optimistic reports, and I know the U.S. Government is keenly interested in the outcome.  But we can make this a test case:  whether good intentions and international pressure can end the violent death of innocents.



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