Boys will be girls

A rather pointless article by Stanley Kurtz in the otherwise admirable City Journal site, argues the cultural case against boys being identical to girls.  Using the kibbutzim mothers as an example, Kurtz somehow makes the extraordinary desire of mothers to raise their own children into a cultural trait, and from that perspective argues against the possibility that boys and girls can ever be uniform in behavior.

But look at the animal kingdom:  at the mother-love shown by every primate species.  Then look at every human culture, without exception:  the same maternal attachment will be found.  This is biology working to the most obvious evolutionary purposes.  It can be tinkered with by a culture, but never broken.  Kurtz has the right target in sight – the gender-is-a-social-construct-of-evil-patriarchs feminists – but his arguments grant too much, and add nothing in return.


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