Karfan is important

A very small number of bloggers are special, and to me none is more delightful than “Karfan” (the name means “disgusted” or “sick and tired” in Arabic) of the Syria Exposed blog.  His view of Syrian society and politics is less cynical than clinical.  His humor is hilarious until one realizes the implications.  His posts are few but rewardingly long, and my day is made when a new one appears.

He had been silent for a time, and his faithful readers were concerned.  He now resumes blogging, admitting he had paused out of “chicken-citizen conditioning”:  he was worried about repression by Bashar Assad’s Baathist thugs.  But he has now decided, “We were fooling our selves by thinking that we are actually so important that a security service apparatus would waist [sic] their brilliant informants time to track us down.”

Karfan takes a dim view of the Baath Party congress just concluded in Damascus.  He relates an encounter with a friend, with whom he discussed the “conference.”

Karfan said he just wanted one tiny little thing from that conference.
The guy laughed and said: I know, I know: like everyone else, Democracy.
Karfan: Demo-what? no
Guy: Then Anti-corruption measures?
Karfan: No, no, please don’t bring my name with anything with Anti- in it. I belong to the Naam (Yes) Generation, we don’t know the ward “Anti”.
Guy: what is that one thing that you need this very decisive and important conference to deliver then?
Karfan: I want my thirty-seven years back.

I did say he was hilarious, until the import of what he says sinks in.



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