Did Robert Redford kill journalism?

With the help of Dustin Hoffman?  This NY Post opinion piece, “Journalism’s Moral Collapse,” maintains as much.  When journalists become matinee idols by tilting against the government, argues Ralph Peters, the incentive exists for a whole generation of “anti” journalism:  anti-government, anti-US, anti-pretty much everything that placed those individual journalists in the privileged position they hold.

Maybe so.  The blindness and destructiveness of the media is a proven fact, I would think:  they savaged Bill Clinton and are worse with George W. Bush.  They seem allergic to elected officials, as if the presence of an authority with some legitimacy attached somehow rankles and offends.

But that’s a Baby Boomer malady.  Those who serve are held to an impossibly high standard by those who merely pose.  Failure to meet perfection is ruthlessly attacked by those who must never be judged.  Good is bad, and bad is worse.

I have every confidence that this type of nihilism will pass, when we do – and since there’s nothing more ineffectual than a Boomer in a heroic pose, the country will endure and thrive until then, regardless.


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