Iraqi voters vs gay shepherds

The vote, as I and all sentient creatures on the planet knew beforehand, was a huge success.  What has transpired in Iraq has no parallel in the Arab world since Napoleon invaded Egypt.  That invasion changed the region forever.  Whether the Iraqis’ hunger for freedom – expressed as a direct result of the American invasion – has an equally world-changing effect is largely up to us.  Do we care enough to see the job through?  Or are there higher priorities – for example, as Mark Steyn notes, pondering the significance of a movie about gay shepherds?

Heigh-ho. The Iraq election’s over, the media did their best to ignore it, and, judging from the rippling torsos I saw every time I switched on the TV, the press seem to reckon that that gay cowboy movie was the big geopolitical event of the last week, if not of all time. Yes, yes, I know: They’re not, technically, cowboys, they’re gay shepherds, but even Hollywood isn’t crazy enough to think it can sell gay shepherds to the world. And the point is, even if I was in the mood for a story about two rugged insecure men who find themselves strangely attracted to each other in a dark transgressive relationship that breaks all the rules, who needs Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger when you’ve got Howard Dean and Abu Musad al-Zarqawi? Yee-haw!

Steyn is by far my favorite talking head these days (since David Brooks went weird on Katrina then hid behind the skirts of Times Select).  Why won’t someone put him in front of a TV camera?


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