“Marriage is for white people”

This remarkably ill-researched, self-justifying piece by Joy Jones in yesterday’s WaPo purports to explain, one, why Joy Jones never married, and two, why fewer than 50 percent of black women do.

Jones never married because the man who asked her didn’t own a house, and lived in the Midwest.  Black women seldom marry because, if one is to believe Jones, they are selfish and superficial, while black men are selfish health hazards, and neither can stand the other’s company for long.  Oh well — single, married — one from column A, one from column B — whatever. . .

Not one word about the economic and human devastation brought about by single motherhood.  Not the slightest understanding of the connection between black poverty and the condition of the black family.  Not a shred of a sense that life is to be lived for something higher than oneself.

I wish I could stop myself from being catty, but the suitor whose proposal Jones turned down doesn’t know how lucky he is.


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