Return of the leftwing zombies

I have called the rioting students in France ideological zombies, because they espouse a form of socialism that died in 1991.  According to the NYT, actual zombie movies have made a comeback — and damn if they aren’t being passed off in ideological disguise

Zombies, Mr. Brooks said, are the perfect goblin for such times, in part because they suggest broad social collapse, when anyone — a policeman, a nurse, a friend — can turn into a force of evil. With a werewolf or vampire, all the evil is concentrated on a single creature; with zombies, the evil is everywhere. [. . .]

“That’s what I wanted to capture — that your wife, your child, your best friend, your pastor, whomever, could suddenly become one of those things,” Mr. Keene said. “It’s the xenophobia. Americans don’t trust Muslims, and Muslims don’t trust the West. Everybody is paranoid.”

Zombies are said to eat human brains:  which, if they have really returned to Hollywood, means it’s only a matter of time before they starve to death.


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