Exile and resurrection

Vulgar Morality was born almost five years ago, on January 2005.  Its theme, as proclaimed on the header, is the tension between morality and freedom.  Ruminations on this subject can go as far afield as I, the Vulgar Moralist, feel like straying:  black swans and Founding Fathers, the death of  the news and the nihilism of the neo-Darwinists, civic virtues and power law distributions, the tyranny of rationalism and the workings of our irrational universe – all these and more have been grist for the VM mill.

The blog was born on another site, hosted by Radio Userland.  This hosting service will be discontinued starting January 2010.  I am therefore resurrecting Vulgar Morality, my prodigal child, on this site hosted by WordPress – a far superior platform, which should lead to more interesting content.

I expect to migrate the old content here in a mass, but until I figure out how to do this, I will probably bring in old posts in selective fashion.  All new Vulgar Morality posts will appear in this place

I expect the blog to profit from the change, in the way of so many exiles.  The proof of that, of course, will be in the doing.


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