The war on us isn’t over

The war on terror may have been given a new name, but it’s clear that the terrorists’ war on us hasn’t changed.  A Nigerian Muslim, who claims ties to Al Qaeda, attempted to detonate a “device” during a transatlantic flight scheduled to land in Detroit.

As with the shoe-bomber case, the device failed to detonate properly.  Also as with the shoe-bomber, the terrorist was immediately overcome by outraged private citizens.

Within moments the man was surrounded by passengers and flight crew members, who used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames and then fought to subdue the man, Mr. Jafry said.

A larger man grabbed the suspect around the neck. A total of six to 10 people rose up against the man, Mr. Jafry said.

The cabin crew, with help from passengers, bound the man and moved him to an empty seat in first class. Mr. Jafry, who remained in his seat, said it appeared that they used the man’s own shirt to help tie his wrists.

Predictably, the WaPo is reporting the event in terms of new regulations, alert levels, additional airport searches, and the statements and proclamations of various government worthies.  But as Glen Reynolds observes, the real homeland security lies in the courage and intelligence of ordinary Americans like those who took charge of Northwest Airlines flight 253.

It was former President Bush’s tragic mistake that he failed to understand this.  I don’t imagine President Obama’s crowd will reverse the trend.

So long as the war on us continues, expect more Islamist attempts to kill and terrorize Americans.  So long as our presidents lack faith in their own electorates, expect more and more intrusive regulations.

UPDATE:  Make that “the courage of ordinary people,” since there was one brave flying Dutchman in the mix.


One Response to The war on us isn’t over

  1. Stephen Kriz says:

    Terror is a tactic – it makes no sense to “declare war” on a tactic. Maybe we should “declare war” on camouflage, since al-Qaeda guys seem to wear a lot of it. What a load of nonsense. Unless you understand your enemy, you are never going to defeat them. 9-11 was a criminal act, a crime against humanity, and should have been treated that way. It was NOT an act of war and to use the U.S. military to try to defeat an enemy that wears no uniform, has no army or navy, is indistinguishable from the natives they hide among, is utterly foolish, immoral and self-defeating. Al-Qaeda is also NOT an existential threat to the U.S. They are never going to crash enough hijacked planes into buildings to defeat us. Al-Qaeda is more like the Mafia than they are like the Russian army and should be dealt with in the same fashion, with good police and undercover work.

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