Death of news – readership dies laughing edition

March 4, 2010

Okay, I promise to return to the usual sober meditations on personal virtue and moral agency – but not just now.  Now, I’d like to recall the ideology of news:  the proposition that the journalist must act as a filter between the confusion of the world and the dull, ignorant  crowd.

News ideologists carp on validation.  Journalists are reviewed for accuracy.  They have editors who check facts.  Bloggers spout, reporters deliver truth (Russell Crowe told us in State of Play).  Of course, nobody pays attention to this nonsense, and the news get closer to extinction every day.

Soon, like a Cheshire Dinosaur, all that will be left will be the frozen frown of journalism, floating in midair.

Or maybe not.  The NYT stands at the pinnacle of the global news business.  Yet it too has suffered a terrible decline over recent years.  But if the photo and caption below are any indication, they have just hit on a brilliant new approach to journalism – call it info-comedy.  The heck with validation.  Who needs editors?  Go for funny – nobody edits funny.

With a few deft moves, the NYT can occupy the niche left vacant by the late, lamented National Lampoon.

Either that, or something really transformative has happened to Hillary Clinton.

Via Barcepundit.

UPDATE:  Instalanche!  Thanks to Glenn for the reflected glory.  Those new to Vulgar Morality, feel free to look around, leave a comment or two.