Judenhass in Germany

It isn’t my usual practice to quote myself, but allow me to make an exception.

A few days ago I wrote that we are “entering an illiberal age unmatched since the 1930’s.”  And I observed that our present illiberal moment, like the last one, “will be a dangerous time in which to be a Jew.”

Here, via John Hinderaker at Powerline – who calls it “a disconcerting echo of the 1930’s” – is an AP report of violence inspired by Jew hatred in, of all places, Germany.

Arab youths threw stones at a Jewish dance group during a street festival in Hannover, injuring one dancer and forcing the group to cancel its performance, German police and dance officials said Thursday.

The teenagers also used a megaphone to shout anti-Semitic slurs during the attack Saturday, Hannover police spokesman Thorsten Schiewe said.

“I don’t remember such a dramatic attack in Germany in recent times,” said Michael Fuerst, the head of the Jewish community of the state of Lower Saxony. [. . .]

Alla Volodarska of the Progressive Jewish community of Hannover dance group said its members were still in shock.

“What happened is just so awful,” Volodarska told the AP. “The teenagers started throwing stones the moment our dance group was announced, even before they started dancing.”

Since Arabs and Muslims are among the favored groups of illiberal intellectuals, we would expect AP to find a way in which this incident is, when properly understood, the fault of the Jews.  And sure enough:

The Association of Jewish University Students in Germany said Thursday the number of anti-Semitic slurs and death threats against Jews in Germany had increased in recent weeks due to the May 31 Israeli commando raid on a Gaza aid flotilla that left nine activists dead.

An implication is left hanging in midair:  if only Jews would stop killing “activists,” they wouldn’t be so violently hated by their victims.

Expect more of this in the future.


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