‘Revolt of the Public’ comes out today

December 4, 2018

Today is publication day for the new edition of my book, The Revolt of the Public.  In a gorgeous design by Stripe Press (see above), with upgraded images and graphics, this new edition includes a foreword from Arnold Kling and a long section updating the thesis of the book into the age of Trump and Brexit.  If you’ve read the e-book, this edition is more than worth it.  If you haven’t read the e-book, then you must read this…

The Revolt of the Public is about politics, in the US and around the world, but at a deeper level it connects with the themes familiar to readers of this blog.  The alarms raised about the public’s nihilism and the self-satisfied decadence of the elites turn fundamentally on moral questions, even if the field on which they will play out is political.  As I explicitly make clear, a possible path out of our current chaos goes through personal behavior – our choices as citizens – rather than government programs or grand ideologies.

You can get the hardcover or Kindle versions of the book on Amazon (hardcover link below) – an Audiobook is available as well.

Please pass the word.